Chadwick Center Holds Naming Ceremony for Estey & Bomberger, LLP

San Diego, CA, July 28 — The Chadwick Center for Children and Families at Rady’s Children’s Hospital-San Diego has named a conference room in its facility after local law firm Estey & Bomberger, LLP who donated $100,000 to the center in 2014.

The Chadwick Center has a staff of over 75 professionals providing a wide range of services including medical work, victim interviews, and mental health treatment to aid in the healing process for child abuse and child sexual assault victims. It is “Rady’s Children’s Hospital’s response to child abuse, family violence, and child traumatic stress,” according to Executive Director Charles Wilson. Philanthropy is what allows the Chadwick Center to continue as it relies solely on donations to fund its programs.

When asked what prompted the donation, child sexual assault attorney Steve Estey stated, “Over the years, many of our clients have been through the Chadwick Center and we saw what great work they do. We began to form relationships with Charles and the rest of the staff here and we realized that there was a need for additional funding to keep this great program going.”

The donation from Estey & Bomberger, LLP has been used to transform the conference room into a welcoming space where children can be brought in for therapy. It is also being used to fund the Kids and Teens in Court Program. This program, as Wilson explained, “is designed for children who are going to have to go into a courtroom and go through all the stress of testifying to what may have happened or what they may have witnessed.” When referring to how the Kids and Teens in Court Program helps victims of child abuse, Wilson continued, “We make that not so a scary process and we make it where they can do that and feel empowered by the experience rather than terrorized.”

The child sexual assault attorneys at Estey & Bomberger, LLP have successfully represented victims of child molestation in high profile cases against large private and public institutions including school districts, foster family agencies, and healthcare facilities nationwide.