Christina Jacobson (aka Chris Austin), a Beaumont High School English teacher, remains in the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga on $500,000 bail. The 37-year-old teacher was accused of sexual contact with a female student at or near her Lake Arrowhead home. Jacobson’s arrest comes just two weeks after that of Samantha Ciotta, a fellow English teacher at Beaumont High. The Beaumont Unified School District is expanding its training to help staff identify signs of inappropriate sexual conduct.

The district learned of the allegations on September 18, after which Jacobson was put on administrative leave — she resigned later that day. One week later, on September 25, Beaumont Police, who had been working with the district, turned the case over to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’ Crimes Against Children Detail, and Jacobson was arrested a week after that on Monday October 2, 2017.

We have, in all of our years, never come across an authority figure at a school having committed just one instance of sexual abuse with a child. In our measured opinion, authorities will uncover other students from Jacobson’s recent and/or distant past, beyond the one that is noted currently. If your child was taught by Ms. Jacobson (Ms. Austin) at Beaumont High School and you are concerned about harm she may have caused, please contact us after contacting the police. Our law firm, at 11801 Pierce Street in Riverside, 951.543.9020, specializes in child sex abuse. We help child sex abuse survivors and their families — consultations are free. There are no advance fees; a family pays only if we recover money successfully, and in the meantime, we advance all costs for doctors and more, whatever is needed.

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Our success, over the decades, is largely due to our experience and compassion. In this niche area of institutional child sex abuse, our on-staff psychologist and other medical and psychological team members are vital to the healing of our clients.