music teacher arrested in sunnyvale for sexually molesting student

Music teacher Henry Reed in Sunnyvale was arrested for sexually-inappropriate behavior with a minor, Friday January 12, 2017. According to police, Reed worked part-time as a musician’s assistant. The name of the school where the incidents took place is being withheld at this time, to protect the identity of the survivor — the school officials had called authorities earlier that day to report the unsolicited comments and requests. The officers received, in addition, evidence provided by the young survivor herself, that Reed had engaged in inappropriate behavior with her.

Reed is 23 years old and lives in San Jose. According to the Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety, as of the date of his arrest, Reed has been at the Santa Clara County Jail on four felony and misdemeanor charges: two for sending indecent matter to a minor, two for annoying and molesting a minor.

We join the community in giving our thanks and support to the Sunnyvale Police Department’s detectives investigating this case.

While no other victims have been identified or have come forward at this time, in our (significant) experience, it is almost never the case that teachers and others in positions of authority over young boys and girls are found to have engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with children “just that one time” for which they were caught. It will not be surprising if news of Reed’s arrest emboldens other young students of Reed’s to disclose their stories to their parents and authorities. The Sunnyvale Police will be in a great position to continue its investigation, should other survivors step forward.

If you or your child or friend was in classes with this music teacher, Henry Reed, and he exhibited inappropriate sexual behavior, please contact Sunnyvale authorities and then reach out to our law firm as well — our closest office is at 524 Union Street in San Francisco, and our phone is (951) 543-9020. Our clients are young students who have survived sexual abuse or other sexually inappropriate behavior by teachers and other authority figures including coaches, camp counselors, foster parents, pastors and priests. We consult, at no charge, with the young students and their families. The families that work with us don’t pay for doctors, lawyers, or any other professionals up front. These young survivors do not need money to hire a lawyer… we only get paid a portion of the recovery when we recover money successfully.

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