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Our Process

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We provide a free consultation for all prospective clients. We will answer any questions you may have about your case, the process of making a claim and the litigation process. We will also provide you with helpful information that will assist you with your case.


Our Process

We evaluate
your case

We will review the facts to determine if you have a claim. If we determine that you, your child or loved one was the victim of institutional sexual abuse and that we can be of significant help, we will accept your case. If we cannot take your case, we will provide you with a referral to a firm or organization that may be able to help you.


Our Process

No fee guarantee
is established

If we do not win money for you, you owe us nothing. In other words, you will not be required to pay any costs and expenses that we have paid to prepare your case unless we recover money on your behalf.


Our Process

We begin working
on your case

Once we have accepted your case, our team of attorneys and investigators will begin to interview witnesses and gather evidence to build a solid case against the institution that failed to protect your loved one. We will conduct legal research and develop legal theories to enhance your case and allow us to access insurance policies to pay for the harm suffered by your loved one.


Our Process

Building trust and
providing therapy

We know all too well the trauma that your loved one has endured and understand that it will take time for them to trust again and to share with us what happened to them. We will work closely with you, your loved one, their therapists and other professionals to prepare them for the litigation process and their day in court.

We have working relationships with some of the best therapists in the nation. Therapists who specialize in childhood sexual abuse matters and who have studied its long term effects. Therapy will not cure what happened but it will give your loved one a set of coping skills that will allow them to better deal with the effects of sexual abuse. Therapy teaches an understanding that what happened was not their fault and that the shame does not belong with them; rather, the shame belongs with the perpetrator and the institution which failed to protect them.


Our Process

for trial

A complaint will be filed with the court alleging that the perpetrator sexually abused your loved one and that the institution’s negligence allowed the abuse to occur. After the complaint is filed, the discovery process begins. The goal of the discovery process is to show that the institution was responsible for allowing your loved one to be molested while in their custody or care. We will identify, and question under oath, those people who may have knowledge about the events or who may have noticed warning signs or “red flags” of the abuse.

In order to prove that the institution was negligent, we need the testimony from experts to explain how the institution fell below the standard of care in that industry. Our experts are the best in the world; each with impeccable credentials and experience. They have excellent communications skills to effectively educate the jury and withstand vigorous cross examination from defense attorneys.


Our Process

Accept settlement offer or
proceed to trial

We prepare each case as if it is going to trial. We do this because we can always settle a case that we are prepared to try but cannot try a case that we have not readied for trial. Generally, the best settlement offers come just before trial and our history of record setting verdicts assures that our offers are higher than most. We will discuss and weigh all options with you and provide you with our opinion on the best course of action; however, it is your decision to accept the settlement offer or go to trial.

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