rialto unified high school teacher, arrested for sex with minor

Barry Todd Noden, of Calimesa, is the music teacher and school band leader (at Rialto Unified’s Eisenhower High School) recently arrested for having sex with his 16-year-old student over the period of March through May of 2016. Nodded is 57 — he turned himself in and has pleaded not guilty, despite the fact that the Rialto Police Department has been investigating Noden for nearly a year after having received a report that he was having sexual contact with a student both during and after school hours.

Noden remains in jail at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, in place of $475,000. His next court appearance will be February 22, 2018.

Rialto Unified spokesperson Syeda Jafri commented by email that Noden had been an employee since 2006, and has been on administrative leave for nearly a year now, since the Rialto Police has begun their investigation. Jafri claims that the district will continue to cooperate with authorities.

Our concerns lie with the community, and we applaud the Rialto Police Department for it’s tenacious investigation.

At this time, no additional victims have been identified or have come forward. In our decades of experience, this is an uncommon scenario, in our (significant) experience, it is almost never the case that teachers and others in positions of authority over young boys and girls are found to have engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with children “just that one time” for which they were caught. It will not be surprising if news of Reed’s arrest emboldens other young students of Reed’s to disclose their stories to their parents and authorities. The Sunnyvale Police will be in a great position to continue its investigation, should other survivors step forward.

If your child was a student or a band member, interacting with Barry Noden or under his care, and you are concerned about possible inappropriate sexual behavior with your child, please contact us as soon as you have contacted Rialto authorities. Either our San Bernardino office, 2130 N Arrowhead Av #204, (909) 882-2016 or our Riverside office 11801 Pierce St #200, (951) 543-9020 will be happy to help. Your family will not be alone — virtually all of our clients are other young students who have been sexually abused by, or experienced sexually inappropriate behavior from, teachers and others in positions of authority. Our consultations are at no charge, yet the families that work with us pay nothing up front for doctors, lawyers, or any other professionals. The families of these young survivors don’t need money to hire a lawyer… our firm gets paid only when there is a successful recover of money, and at that time we get paid a portion.

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