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“ Although my case has been painful and emotionally trying, they have gone above and beyond to make things as painless as humanly possible. I am truly blessed to have Mike and his team on my side.”
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We have a 100% Success Rate with sexual assault cases. You only pay us if we win your case! Request a Free Consultation

Sexual Assault & Sexual Abuse Lawyers

We Have a 100% Success Rate with Sexual Assault Cases!

At Estey & Bomberger, LLP we understand the pain and trauma associated with a sexual assault. During this trying time, our child sexual assault attorneys want to let you know that you are not alone in recovering from such a traumatic experience. We are a law firm that uses our experience, knowledge, and resources to help survivors of sexual abuse feel supported throughout the recovery process.

We represent survivors of sexual abuse, including surivors of child institutional abuse, to help them get the closure and compensation they truly deserve. Our lawyers understand that feeling safe is the first step to the healing process, and we also know that financial compensation can help significantly with your treatment and recovery. We pursue the responsible parties on your behalf so that we can:

  • Hold them accountable for their despicable actions.
  • Give you the safety and assurance that they will never be able to harm anyone ever again.
  • Recover compensation to assist you during the recovery process.

If you or a loved one is a survivor of child abuse or sexual assault, please call us for a free, 100% confidential consultation. We want to help you start the journey to recovery today. 1-800-925-0723

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Handling All Types of Institutional Sexual Abuse in the U.S.
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Teacher Sexual Abuse We handle lawsuits involving teacher-student sexual abuse
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Youth Sports Sexual Abuse We handle youth sports sexual assault cases when sports programs fail to protect their athletes.
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Priest Abuse Church Abuse
Clergy Abuse If your son or daughter was abused by a priest or pastor, we can help.
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Estey & Bomberger has represented sexual abuse survivors all over the U.S. for over 20 years. We are a small firm, who limits the number of cases we handle in order to provide the best legal representation and support to our clients. We focus on handling institutional sexual abuse and sexual assault cases to better serve our clients by getting the very best results possible.

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