At least thirteen school districts in southern California might have been affected by a music teacher giving away semen-tainted flutes to students, according to the Los Angeles Unified School District. Fountain Valley, Los Angeles, Fullerton, Inland Empire, Chatsworth, Capistrano Unified and Newport-Mesa are just some of the school districts that have sent home statements to parents about the ongoing investigation.

The music teacher administered a music program for students at schools. The flutes were part of the Flutes Across the World program, colorfully decorated and painted by students across Southern California, and given to students. But the flutes were potentially “decorated” with bodily fluids, namely, semen, as well. Parents are being asked to take the flutes from the students and provide them to police for investigation. The California Department of Justice and California’s Office of the Attorney General are investigating.

Parents have indicated that people feel violated, victimized, and certainly, disgusted, and naturally so.

Knowing what we know about sexual predators and their tendencies, we would be surprised if the music teacher is found to have had NO previous involvement in any kind of sexual abuse or molestation of school children. We suspect that authorities will find other incidents — perhaps not involving flutes, but rather, involving inappropriate relationships with children — involving this same teacher. Please report to, and cooperate with, the police if your child knew this music teacher and you suspect any kind of harm. Our law firm specializes in institutional childhood sexual abuse in southern California, institutional meaning the perpetrator worked for an institution such as a school, and was acting in a capacity of trust and leadership on behalf of the institution. Consultations are free, and a family only pays if we recover money on the family’s behalf.

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