Help is Available for Children and Teens Molested by Santana High School Track & Field Coach Keith Silvia

July 19, 2016

Over the past 20 years, Estey & Bomberger attorneys have worked closely with young victims of child sexual molestation. This aggressive team of lawyers is currently working with the families of survivors in several other child sex abuse cases. The lawyers expect to be working with young victims in the Keith Silvia case as the story unfolds, and have made sure that they have the capacity to do so.

Families of the victim always need a system of support to go up against the bureaucratic structure and large monetary resources of a school and school district. As you can imagine, those in charge at a school and its district may be reluctant to admit to sex abuse by an employee at all, let alone offer compensation to the victim(s) for the sexual violations, or better yet, improve the system of background checks and oversight.

Additionally, families will want an ally that not only has the appropriate knowledge, but that also has a persistent and very aggressive nature to be helping them negotiate a settlement, try the case, and wade through the process in general.

Strength and Persistence – Necessary Qualities in a Law Firm

We hire the best and most qualified experts, the most detailed and reputable investigators, and the strongest team overall to build your case. We don’t spare expenses, for your benefit in the long run. We will put forward our significant resources, on your behalf, pursuing justice. Our team’s know-how and thorough research will gain us the best expert testimony, and a strong, record-breaking financial result. No one has more focus than we do. We devote our care and attention to you, as one of just a few cases we accept each year.

About Santana High School and Coach Keith Silvia

Santana High School in Santee, CA, is one of 12 high schools in the eastern San Diego County based Grossmont Union High School District. Keith Alan Silvia is the 49-year-old former track coach and a supervisor at Santana High School; he surrendered to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Thursday and was arrested on suspicion of molesting a high school junior.

This incident was uncovered when the parents of the girl found letters, later discovered to be from Silvia, in her backpack. The investigation found that Coach Silvia — a track & field coach, and also a campus supervisor at the high school — had fostered an intimate relationship with the student including more than one off-campus encounter.

Santana High School parents, and the community as well, are stunned to learn about Coach Silvia and his inappropriate relationship with this teenage girl. Though investigators, at the moment, say they have no reason to believe there are other survivors, our 20 years of experience leads us to believe that Silvia has, with near-100% certainty, molested other teens.

According to the NBC television affiliate, the spokesperson for the Grossmont Union High School District, Catherine Martin, indicated that Silvia had been placed on unpaid administrative leave on June 15, once administrators had learned of the allegations, and that he resigned a week later. Ms. Martin further mentions the school district’s protocol for prospective employees including fingerprinting plus a DOJ and an FBI background check.

Sexual molestation by teachers, coaches, administrators and other school staff charged with the care of young children and teens is so prevalent in today’s news – obviously not rare and certain not new. Though Keith Silvia victimized at least one girl, and likely others, from Santana High School, perpetrators just like him are prevalent in every city and in every state in the country.

Many astute lawyers do not have the appropriate experience in situations of institutional sex abuse. When we litigate against these perpetrators and the schools and other institutions that used to stand behind them, we are successful because we employ highly-specialized strategies and tactics learned over decades.

What to Do if your Son or Daughter was Victimized by Coach Silvia

If your child survived sexual molestation by Keith Silvia, or, frankly, at the hands of any teacher, coach or person of authority at Santana High or elsewhere, please speak with our compassionate school sexual abuse attorneys to discuss the possibility of bringing a lawsuit against the abuser and/or the school or district. Estey & Bomberger has won awards in the multi-millions of dollars for their clients, and in fact has achieved the highest individual settlements and verdicts for survivors of child sex abuse at schools in California.

It’s important to research a youth sports sex abuse lawyer thoroughly and with an eye toward the long term. The trial process, based on our experience, results in a great deal of closure for the family, as well as moving the ball forward with systemic change in the institutions.

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