Marina High School track & field coach arrested for sex abuse

High School volunteer track and field coach and Marine recruiter Gonzalo Castro of San Clemente has been arrested after a then-17-year-old student’s allegations of sexual abuse during an off-campus training run.

As sexual molestation of students (or any children) is learned behavior, it is not likely to catch a pedophile such as Castro early-on in his ‘molestation career’. It’s expected and likely that law enforcement will find child victims beyond the one who initially reported. If you are suspicious that your child may have been harmed by this volunteer coach, please contact Estey & Bomberger, child sex abuse lawyers, by using the form that follows, or by phone at 213.596.4855, ASAP. Our law office is located at 445 Figueroa in Los Angeles. We offer confidential initial consultations at no charge. There is no obligation to hire us; furthermore, if you do hire our team there is no up-front payment up front. We pay all costs on your behalf, including medical and psychological, and you only pay if we recover money on your behalf.

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Estey & Bomberger are trial attorneys with a 20+ year history of working with child sexual abuse survivors. This long history has been quite successful in helping these survivors, as well as their families, both on a financial and an emotional level. Our on-staff psychologist sets us apart (as does our experience and compassion), and helps benefit our clients by getting them the counseling they deserve and need for maximum, quick recovery.

Additional Details on Castro’s Arrest

Castro was a Marine Corps recruiter at both Ocean View and Marina High Schools, and also a volunteer track and field coach at Marina High School, in the Huntington Beach Union High School District.

After his arrest, Castro posted bond and was released.

The Huntington Beach Police Department is investigating; the Marine Corps is investigating internally, as well.