Beaumont Unified School District’s Samantha Lee Ciotta is the 32-year-old English teacher and head cheer coach at Beaumont High School recently arrested for sexual abuse of a student.

Beaumont police detectives began investigating this case based on a tip. In the course of the investigation, the victim disclosed the months-long unlawful sexual abuse by a teacher at Beaumont High School. Based on evidence the authorities discovered (inappropriate communications between the teacher and student via various messaging platforms), Ciotta, of Banning, California, was taken into custody on Wednesday September 20, 2017. She is currently held at the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in nearby Banning, also in Riverside County.

In our very considerable experience over the course of decades, we have virtually never seen a teacher, scout leader, coach, or any other authority figure working with children, having committed child sexual abuse “just one time” or “just with this one victim”. Unfortunately, there is a near-100% chance that police will find additional students from Ciotta’s seven years as a credentialed teacher, and possibly prior, beyond the one that is reporting currently. If your child knew Ms. Ciotta, was taught by her or coached by her at Beaumont High or prior, and you become suspicious of harm this teacher may have caused, please let us know immediately, after you get in touch with Beaumont authorities. We, Estey & Bomberger, are a child sex abuse law firm located at 11801 Pierce St #200 in Riverside, phone 951.543.9020, or please use the form below. We specialize in helping survivors and their families. Our consultations are free-of-charge and there is no obligation to hire us. The families who hire us pay no fees up front; we front all costs on the survivor’s behalf — bills for psychological treatment, bills for doctors, anything the survivor may need to heal. A client’s family only pays if we recover money on behalf of that client.

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We credit our twenty years of success in this niche area to our experience and compassion, as well as to our on-staff psychologist. Everyone on our team works together for the maximum benefit of the client’s physical healing and emotional healing. The survivor bears no blame and no shame at all; we work to redirect that blame and shame back to the perpetrator and the institution that failed to protect the child in the first place, where it belongs.

Further Information on the Sex Abuse case involving Ciotta

Samantha Ciotta is a native of Fullerton, and has been credentialed as a teacher since 2010. The Beaumont Unified School District placed Ciotta on leave as soon as the investigation began, and, according to police, has cooperated completely with the criminal investigation.