LA Unified School District soccer coach sentenced for sex abuse

Ronnie Lee Roman of San Fernando is the 44-year-old soccer coach for a Los Angeles Unified School District after-school program. On Tuesday, August 29, 2017 he was sentenced to “105 years to life” — the maximum — for sexual molestation of multiple students over the course of several years.

We have virtually never seen a coach, teacher, scout leader, etc, committing “one time” or “one victim” molestation. It is a near-100% certainty that authorities will encounter victims beyond those who have already reported their crimes. If your child was coached by Ronnie Lee Roman, either at Cahuenga Elementary, Vine Street Elementary or any other school in the LAUSD, and you are suspicious of any harm this teacher may have caused your child, please contact us right away, after having contacted authorities. Our firm, Estey & Bomberger, is a sex abuse law firm specializing in child survivors. We are located at 445 FIGUEROA ST in LOS ANGELES, CA — please use this form or call 213.596.4855. Consultations are no charge and no obligation. If we are hired, a client’s family pays nothing up front; we pay all costs on the survivor’s behalf. Costs can include bills for psychological and medical professionals. A client’s family only pays if we recover money on behalf of that client.

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Estey & Bomberger enjoys a decades-long history of working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Our success is based on our experience, our compassion and our on-staff psychologist. Our goal is the maximum healing, both physically and emotionally, for the survivor, as we work to put the blame and shame back where it belongs, with the perpetrator and the institution that failed to protect the child in the first place.

Further Information on Ronnie Lee Roman and his Sex Abuse case

While Roman was just sentenced in August, he had been convicted on June 7, 2017 for seven counts of lewd acts on a child. Prosecutors indicate that he had molested five young girls at Cahuenga Elementary (Koreatown) between 2012 and 2014, and another young girl at Vine Street Elementary (Hollywood) back in 2001-2002. The investigation, headed up by the Los Angeles Police Department and their Sexually Exploited Child Unit began in September of 2014, after one of the girls reported the molestation.

Officials also say that six of the occurrences of sexual abuse were on school grounds, and a seventh was at the home of one of the victims.