Santa Ana High school wrestling coach suspected of sex with student

An Orange County wrestling coach at Santa Ana High School, in Santa Ana, CA, was arrested on Tuesday August 29, 2017, on suspicion of having sex with a teen student. Jaime Orendain is the 34-year-old part-time coach at the high school, and it’s alleged that the sex took place both on campus and during school hours, over the course of several months. Orendain was taken into custody on Tuesday after attempting to flee.

Corporals Bertagna and Lopez of the Santa Ana Police are involved in the investigation.

Every time we read of a coach, teacher, scout leader or pastor arrested or sentenced for having molested a child, the investigation always finds, over time, that there were multiple occasions, with multiple victims, over the course of years if not decades. With near-100% certainty, we can say that this is never “one time molestation” or “one victim molestation”, as this is learned behavior on behalf of the predator. We expect that authorities will uncover victims beyond the one who reported initially. If you suspect that your child was a victim of harm by coach Orendain, please contact us, as well as contacting authorities. We, Estey & Bomberger, are a law firm specializing in child survivors of sexual molestation. Our LA office is at 445 Figueroa, and our number is 213.596.4855, or please use the form below. We offer free, no-commitment consultations. There is no obligation to hire us, but if we are hired, there are no fees up front for the family to pay — that includes bills for medical or psychological treatment or anything else — we pay all bills up front. A client’s family only pays if we recover money for him or her.

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Our firm has enjoyed decades of specializing in, and working with, survivors of childhood sexual abuse and their families. Our unmatched success has been due to our compassion, our experience, and in no small part to our on-staff psychologist. We always look ahead to our long-term goal, the survivor and his or her physical and mental healing, as surviving sexual abuse can have life-long ramifications. We are driven by putting the blame and shame back where it belongs, in other words, with the perpetrator and with the institution that failed to protect the child in the first place.

More Details on this Sex Abuse case involving Orendain and the Teen

Orendain was booked on suspicion of multiple offenses, one of which was felony statutory rape. The relationship was reported by both the friends and students of Orendain, as well as the parents of the victim.

While Orendain was released on Thursday, August 31, 2017, the investigation continues.

He worked at Santa Ana High School not only as a wrestling coach, but as an activities supervisor. Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) is a school district in Orange County, California that includes Santa Ana High School. The SAUSD serves a geographic area of only 24 square miles, but is the sixth largest district in California with nearly 60,000 students.