Trying & Settling Molestation & Sexual Abuse Cases: The Facts and Figures

August 26, 2013

Our record at Estey & Bomberger indicates an impressive success rate in obtaining for our most vulnerable victims- maximum compensation for the costs of medical bills, psychotherapy treatments, and what often amounts to years of painful counseling. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team has won at the trial level, or else secured impressive settlement figures on, every sexual abuse case we have committed to obtaining justice for. Our average settlement value stands at nearly $1.5 million and average verdict amount at over $18 million.

In personal injury cases generally, compassion and understanding are important bedrocks for effective representation. In sexual abuse specifically, we have come to believe that in obtaining the greatest possible verdict for our clients, compassion and understanding are necessary and vital elements to achieving that success. We understand that coming to terms with and seeking redress for the emotional, mental, and physical effects of devastating sexual abuse may be the toughest thing most families we have worked with will face.

Our long record of successful high-value verdicts and settlements is a testament to our commitment to our clients, our knowledge and many years of experience, and our understanding of the importance and integrity of the healing process.
The following are some of our successful verdicts and settlements in molestation and sexual abuse cases over the years:

$30 Million – John Doe v. Giarretto

Verdict for physical and sexual abuse a child endured due to the negligence of a private company that licensed the foster home where child was placed for four years.

$23 Million – Matt Doe v. Los Angeles Unified School District

In December, a Los Angeles jury awarded a young victim represented by Estey Bomberger a verdict of $23 million resulting from sexual abuse by his former elementary school teacher, Forrest Stobbe. The Los Angeles Unified School District must pay $6.9 million in damages for its failure to provide proper supervision. This is believed to be the largest verdict ever leveled against LAUSD in a molestation case involving a single victim. In 2010, Steve Estey argued a molestation-related case in San Jose, California that resulted in a $30 million verdict, the largest verdict in California history for a single person sex abuse case. The trial against LAUSD lasted 15 days in Los Angeles Superior Court. Estey had asked for a $25 million verdict at the time of trial.

$3.3 Million – Doe v. Roe

Confidential settlement for sexual misconduct of hospital employee against patient.

$2.1 Million – Confidential v. DeMordaigle

Verdict on behalf of two teenage boys against their schoolteacher for sexual abuse.

$1.5 Million – Doe V Roe

Confidential settlement for sexual misconduct of an employee

$1.4 Million – Doe V Roe

Confidential settlement for sexual misconduct of an employee

$1.25M settlement – Victoria Doe v Rose Institute

$10k settlement – Campbell v Mersola