30-year-old music teacher, Christian Hernandez, of Los Rios Rock School in San Juan Capistrano, was arrested on Thursday August 24, 2017 for sexually assaulting a minor student.

This sort of teacher behavior is not usually a “one time” or “one victim” opportunity. It is very likely, as investigators have said, that the Orange County Sheriff’s Department will encounter victims beyond the two who have already reported. If your child took music lessons from Christian Hernandez, either at the Los Rios Rock School, privately, or at a business that formerly employed him, and you are suspicious of possible harm to your child by this teacher, please contact us right away, in addition to contacting authorities. Estey & Bomberger is a sex abuse law firm and we specialize in child survivors. Please use this form that follows, or call 213.596.4855, ASAP. Confidential initial consultations are at no charge, and come with no obligation. We pay all costs on a client’s behalf, he or she pays nothing up front, including medical and psychological bills for services. A client only pays if we recover money on your behalf.

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Further Information on the Christian Hernandez Arrest

In describing the grooming behavior of Hernandez, Lieutenant Lane Lagaret was quoted as saying “This type of predator is a big concern for law enforcement in that they use their position to build trust with the victims so that they can get closer and commit their crime.”

Hernandez is from Rancho Santa Margarita. Of the two known victims, one was 16 at the time (now 20) and the other was 15 at the time (now 17), and the Sheriff’s Department has indicated that both incidents occurred at the students’ residences.

Los Rios School of Rock terminated Hernandez’ employment, which began in 2011, in September of 2016 after it became aware of his inappropriate communications with the two students, and reported the matter to law enforcement.