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July 13, 2016

Estey & Bomberger attorneys have been fighting on behalf of victims of child molestation and their families for over 20 years. Our legal team is currently working with the family of a victim in the McGee case, and is committed to fighting on behalf of any other young victims in Round Rock and East Austin, TX as their cases come to light.

You need a support system to fight the church’s deep financial resources. The church will not want to acknowledge the sex abuse at all, much less pay a victim for the molestation or make changes in how it reviews pastors and other clergy. Additionally, you need an ally with legal knowledge and an aggressive and persistent nature to help negotiate a settlement or try your case. Our child molestation attorneys have the experience needed to successfully handle these emotional and complicated cases.

A Strong and Persistent Law Team

Estey & Bomberger will spare no expense in hiring experts, investigating the circumstances, and building the strongest-possible case. We have the resources, and will put them to work for you, for justice in your case. We have the know-how and the research team to thoroughly research your case, get the best possible expert testimony, and win a record-setting settlement. Our focus is unwavering — we accept only a few cases each year, dedicating our attention and special care to you.

About Round Rock and Reverend McGee

Round Rock, Texas, in Williamson County, is a fast-growing city with much about which its residents should be proud. Unfortunately, its current claim to fame is that of Rev. Dr. Henry Lee McGee, Sr, the 68-year-old pastor at First Baptist Church in East Austin, TX, accused of sexual abuse and molestation of his 13-year-old female parishioner.

Money magazine has called Round Rock the seventh-best American small city in which to live, a testament to its residents. We’re grieving now for the Round Rock and East Austin communities as they’ve been horrified to learn about Pastor McGee. Round Rock police believe – in our experienced opinion, it’s a virtual certainty — that Pastor McGee has molested other victims. The communities and the families are under a great deal of stress, thinking about their own young children and grandchildren, and wondering ‘who else’ Pastor McGee victimized.

According to the Texas Hill Country Trail Region’s web site, First Baptist Church, originally known as the First Colored Baptist Church, began as a congregation of slaves. Former slave Reverend Jacob Fontaine organized the church in 1867, after the Civil War, and today it is considered one of the oldest African American Baptist churches in Austin. The current building is the congregation’s fourth home.

The young victim, according to the American-Statesman, told her youth group friends of her ongoing sexual relationship (beginning in June of 2014 when she was 13 years old) with Pastor McGee. Per NBC affiliate KXAN, county records indicate that the case was originally reported to the Austin Police but transferred to Round Rock Police because Reverand Dr. McGee was accused of sexually molesting the girl at a Round Rock hotel on October 9, 2015.

KXAN continues to report that the first sexual assault occurred at a storage unit in Georgetown, and later continued at Pastor McGee’s home when the pastor’s wife was away, and that McGee would get her to his home by telling her parents that he was taking her to be with his grandchildren.

Round Rock Police Detective Villegas knows the families in this community; he knows they do everything they can to protect their children, and how devastated they must be now realizing what has been going on behind their backs.

Sexual abuse of young girls and boys by priests, pastors, reverends and other clergy members in churches continues to head-up the news media. Sadly, it’s not a new phenomenon and it’s not as rare as we might think. Though Reverend Doctor Henry Lee McGee victimized children in Round Rock, Texas, clergy perpetrators are in every city and in every state.

Litigating, or suing, sexual molesters and their former institutions is a highly specialized, uncommon skill. Many attorneys, though highly skilled, just don’t have the experience in institutional sex abuse. The best attorney may not be local. Research the best attorney for sexual molestation victims of church members or clergy, wherever the firm is located, and ask if the attorney will come to you.

What to Do if your Son or Daughter was Victimized by Pastor McGee

If you or your child endured sexual molestation at the hands of Pastor McGee at First Baptist in Round Rock, or at the hands of any clergy member, you should speak with our clergy molestation victims attorney to discuss the possibility of bringing a lawsuit directly against the abuser and/or the house of worship. The compassionate sex abuse lawyers at Estey & Bomberger have won multi-million dollar awards for their clients, the victims of child sexual abuse and molestation and their families.

Because the trial process can take years, it is a relationship into which families should not enter lightly. Estey & Bomberger has won verdicts and settlements of $30 million, $23 million, etc. over the years, helping families with closure, but helping as well with a change in the system. Large legal results force change — change in state oversight of foster children, change in school oversight of children, change in church responsibility to families.

Read the warning signs of child molestation.

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