Carlsbad Pastor Matthew Tague Arrested For Sexual Molestation

Carlsbad pastor Matthew Tague of North Coast Calvary Chapel has been arrested for child molestation. It is unlikely that Mr. Tague has harmed only one child. Child molestation is a learned behavior and it is rare that the perpetrator is caught early on. If your child was harmed by Mr. Tague, or you suspect that he could have, please contact the San Diego child molestation attorneys at Estey & Bomberger using the form below or by calling our office immediately. We are trial attorneys with more than 20 years of experience a long and successful history of helping victims of child molestation. Our staff includes a psychologist, and we help our clients to obtain the necessary counseling to aid them in their recovery. Our initial consultations are free, without any obligation and are completely confidential. If you decide to hire us, you only pay for our services if we win your case.

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Information on the Matthew Tague Arrest

Tague, an assistant pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel, has been arrested for at least sixteen counts of child sexual molestation with a minor under the age of 14. Tague himself called the San Diego Sheriff’s Office to report his crimes on Monday; the arrest was Wednesday. Tague’s bail is $1.9 million, and he is due in court for arraignment on Friday June 2, 2017.

San Diego Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Karen Stubkjaer reports that there are no other victims at this time, although their investigation continues. Lt. Stubkjaer adds that her department has additional information about the victim and the relationship with Tague (which had been going on for about a year) that she is not yet ready to disclose.