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July 21, 2016

Help for Victims of Vista High School Basketball Coach Charlie Mercado

Since its inception twenty years ago, Estey & Bomberger attorneys have specialized in helping young survivors of school sexual molestation.  There have been several institutional child sex abuse cases in the news recently, and our team of aggressive attorneys is already helping several survivors and their families.  As the Charlie Mercado story unfolds, Estey...
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July 19, 2016

Help is Available for Children and Teens Molested by Santana High School Track & Field Coach Keith Silvia

Over the past 20 years, Estey & Bomberger attorneys have worked closely with young victims of child sexual molestation. This aggressive team of lawyers is currently working with the families of survivors in several other child sex abuse cases. The lawyers expect to be working with young victims in the Keith Silvia case as...
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Mar Vista High School Sex Abuse Scandal

Mar Vista High School Sex Abuse Arrests Three Mar Vista High School sex abuse arrests have the school reeling following the arrest of a tutor, substitute teacher and ROTC instructor along with a football coach. The walk-on assistant football coach Edward Aaron Mendoza was arrested for having an inappropriate relationship with a 9th grade student....
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Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Four adult men have come forward to accuse Dennis Hastert, former Speaker of the House, of sexually molesting them. The abuse allegedly took place while Hastert was a wrestling coach in Illinois in the 1960s and 1970s. Dennis Hastert is accused of molesting five victims, all of whom were wrestling students at the school...
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Coaching Sex Abuse

A Law Firm Representing Victims of Coaching Sex Abuse The news media called him a “no-nonsense father figure.” Yet that same father figure—Santa Ana youth boxing coach Anthony Serrano—took advantage of his position of trust to molest a fatherless teenage boy as many as 50 times over a period of five years, according to...
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