Coaching Sex Abuse

A Law Firm Representing Victims of Coaching Sex Abuse

The news media called him a “no-nonsense father figure.” Yet that same father figure—Santa Ana youth boxing coach Anthony Serrano—took advantage of his position of trust to molest a fatherless teenage boy as many as 50 times over a period of five years, according to the Huffington Post. Serrano was arrested in 2012, but—as is typical with coaching sex abuse—police suspect that he may have molested many other victims during his time as a boxing coach.

Coaching sex abuse crimes are compounded when an adult in a position of leadership—say, the coach of a sports team—is the molester. Young athletes’ lives—particularly those aiming to be Olympians—are highly regimented. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, young athletes are under the supervision and guidance of their coaches, who rigidly structure every aspect of the athletes’ schedules. Athletes come to feel attached to their coaches, looking up to them and admiring them for their prowess, skill, and mentorship. That trust is betrayed in the most heartbreaking way when a coach or some other adult takes advantage of his or her close proximity to young athletes and sexually abuses them. Yet molesters’ abuse of authority and trust may only part of the problem. Even when confronted with complaints by children or parents, school districts and athletic organizations may try to cover up coaching sex abuse by coaches or staff members.

The law firm of Estey Bomberger has the experience and tenacity to challenge both the perpetrators of youth sports sex abuse and the institutions which enable them and win you the compensation to which you are entitled. If your child tells you that he or she is a victim of youth sports sex abuse, remember the following suggestions:

  • Don’t get angry. You shouldn’t confront the accused molester, as that may complicate a criminal investigation and even put you or your child in danger.
  • Keep calm and encourage your child to tell you what happened. Predators are adept at grooming their intended targets, so don’t feel guilty about what happened, either.
  • It is not your fault nor your child’s!
  • Adolescents rarely lie about being sexually molested. Make sure that your child knows that you believe him or her and are going to get help.
  • Contact the police. Resist the urge to grill your child and ask only enough questions to understand what transpired and then call the authorities.
  • Be there to comfort your child when the interrogations are at an end.

Our legal team files lawsuits against coaches who have abused their authority and broken the sacred trust between themselves and the athletes they train. It’s our job to secure just compensation for the young athletes and their families. No monetary settlement can undo the pain and anguish that your child has suffered, but it can help them to move past it—financial resources secured in child sex abuse lawsuits are often used to obtain therapy, counseling, and psychological healthcare. Your family shouldn’t be forced to bear the financial burden of another person’s crime.

High-profile youth coaching sex abuse cases like Penn State have highlighted the need for strong, competent litigation by experienced trial lawyers like Estey Bomberger. If your child has been victimized by a coach or some other sports-affiliated adult, contact the coaching sex abuse attorneys at Estey Bomberger. We can counsel you on your next move and obtain a fair settlement for your loved ones in or out of court. Visit or call this toll-free number: 1.800.925.0723. A free and confidential consultation is waiting.