Attorneys for survivors of Summit Middle School Teacher Leonard Alan Grams

August 10, 2022

An article published by the Summit Daily News reports that Summit Middle School physical education teacher Leonard Alan Grams has been arrested on multiple felony counts of sexual assault of a child. A Summit County resident since 1997, Grams was a project initiative teacher and taught physical education at Summit Middle School. According to Clear Creek County Judge Cynthia Jones, Grams faces five counts of sex assault on a child and three counts of sex assault on a child by a person in position of trust. Grams could face a sentence of life in prison if convicted of all charges.

According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, the Summit County School District received seven reports of alleged sexual misconduct by Grams between September 30, 2021 and October 24, 2021. Female students at Summit Middle School claimed that Grams had inappropriately engaged in unlawful sexual contact with the victims during class activities. These allegations led to an initial investigation by school district officials.

The investigation resulted in school district officials identifying Grams as the teach in question and information was sent to the Sheriff’s Office on October 27, 2021. Upon receiving the report by the school district, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office immediately initiated an investigation into the allegations.

During their investigation, Sheriff deputies served a search warrant and secured hundreds of pages of documents and interviews collected during the Summit County School District’s investigation. Deputies also conducted additional interviews including victims, parents of victims, witnesses, school district officials and Grams.

Although Leonard Alan Grams, a former physical education teacher at Summit Middle School has been arrested the investigation is ongoing. The Summit County Sheriff’s Office believes there may be additional victims of Grams who have yet to come forward. If you or a loved one is a survivor of Leonard Alan Grams and you have yet to report what happened to the police, we urge you to call Detective Sergeant Mark Gafari at (970) 423-8960.

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