Attorneys for survivors of Walworth County bus driver Matthew Gribben

July 19, 2022

WISN – ABC in Milwaukee recently reported a story about Matthew Gribben, a bus driver in Walworth County, who is accused of sexually assaulting young school girls who rode his bus. Gribben has been charged with four counts of first degree child sexual assault and two counts of exposing a child to harmful material. The victims of Matthew Gribben range in age from 8 to 11 years old.

According to the city of Delavan Police Department, Gribben drove for Dousman Transport Company, which is contracted with the Delavan Darien School District. Gibbons admitted to engaging in in appropriate behavior with children according to a criminal complaint. He allegedly told investigators that when he transported the children, he would occasionally touch some of the female students on their back sides.

He is also alleged to have shown pornography to two students. While Gribben specifically remembered targeting the five victims leading to the charges, he also admitted to touching other girls on the bus, but he could not remember their names. The complaint also says that during another incident, Gribben sexually assaulted a 10 year old girl as she slept at his house. The incidents occurred between 2019 and 2022.

A judge set Gribbin’s bond at $150,000 and he remains in custody in the Walworth County Jail. If convicted of all charges, Gribbens faces a sentence of more than 200 years in prison. While Gribbens was placed on immediate administrative leave as soon the the allegations surfaced, the fact that he admits to assaulting other young girls means there are likely more victims yet to come forward.

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