Jehovah’s Witnesses Molestations

While the Jehovah’s Witnesses insist that child molestation among their 1.9 million American followers are rare, they do occasionally occur. If you’ve recently learned that your church or clergy members has committed child molestation crimes, it’s natural to feel angry, confused, betrayed, and unsure what to do next. The law firm of Estey Bomberger can help you during this difficult time.

If a child has been molested by a Jehovah’s Witnesses, he or she might:

  • Draw or writes sexually suggestive or abhorrent things
  • Become irrationally afraid of particular places or individuals
  • Possess money or gifts or toys without adequate explanation or cause
  • Regress to more juvenile behaviors like bedwetting or thumb-sucking
  • Display uncommonly good knowledge of sex and body parts

If a child comes to you and confesses that he or she has been sexually molested by a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, you should:

  • Trust. You should believe your child unconditionally. It’s rare for adolescents to tell falsehoods about sexual molestation. Furthermore, it took enormous courage for the child to come and tell you that he or she was molested; if you express doubt openly, it will only teach the child that confessing to being sexually abused was somehow wrong. Ensure that the child knows you believe him or her, and that the abuse must be reported to authorities. It’s normal for children to be afraid of the consequences of telling about their abuse, but it’s your job to reassure them and ensure their safety.
  • Hear. Get the pertinent facts of the case from the child, and no more. Leave the cross-examination to the authorities. Often children are forced to repeat their stories multiple times, and the repeated pain and anguish is traumatic. Don’t interrogate the child; just get enough info to make a police report.
  • Tell someone. It’s tempting to stay out of trouble—to assume that this “isn’t your business” or that the problem will just “disappear.” But if you believe that, you’re endangering other innocent children and putting the health and wellbeing of other kids and families in jeopardy. Pedophiles can’t be left free to molest people’s children at will, especially those masquerading as religious leaders. Remove the child from the vicinity of the suspected abuser and report the abuse to local law enforcement.
  • Get help. If you’re unsure what to do next, or feel disoriented or confused, check out Estey Bomberger’s child molestation victims’ resources page.

The sex abuse attorneys at Estey Bomberger have a proven track record of success in litigating against child molesters and enabling organizations in civil court. Our firm understands the psychological trauma which sex abuse incurs in children and the toll it takes on the family as a whole. We can provide useful legal advice and help you pursue justice for the wrongs done to you.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, contact Estey Bomberger today. We are here to help you move ahead with your life. Head over to or call 1.800.925.0723 today, toll-free, for a free consultation.