Foster Care Molestation

Attorneys Representing Victims of Foster Care Molestation

In 2010, there were 60,000 children in the Californian foster care system. Between 2008 and 2009, California’ child welfare expenditures totaled $5.4 billion dollars. Half of that amount was used to fund services which addressed the abuse and neglect of children both entering and leaving the foster care system.

In February of 2016, NBC Bay Area reported on the deplorable conditions under which numerous foster children live in California’s “group homes.” The network’s Investigative Unit examined several of these 24-hour child care facilities and found no fewer than 815 health, safety, and law violations which put hundreds of children at “immediate risk.” These abuses included physical and child molestation, drug use, lack of adequate food supplies and proper medical attention, and intentional drugging of a child as punishment.

It’s important to be vigilant for the signs of foster care molestation. If you suspect that a child in the foster care system is being sexually abused, he or she might:

  • Suffer from nightmares or sleeping problems
  • Be emotionally cold or distant
  • Undergo abrupt mood swings (fear, anger, anxiety)
  • Act in a seductive or inappropriate manner

 If a child comes to you and confesses that he or she has been a victim of foster care molestation, you should:

  • Believe the child. Children almost never speak falsely about sexual molestation. Assure the child that you believe his or her story and will get help from someone trustworthy. Also tell the child that he or she is not at fault for what has happened and was very brave to come and tell you.
  • Listen to the whole story, then call police. Don’t grill the child endlessly for details. Foster Care molestation is a traumatic experience and talking about it no less so. Feelings of guilt, shame, and worthlessness rise up and threaten to overpower the child’s psyche. Just get the basic facts of the case—enough to make an informed call to police.
  • Get professional help. Trauma of this magnitude has the potential to ruin a child’s (or a family’s) future. Consider getting the child into counseling as soon as possible. Don’t forget to take whatever measures necessary to ensure the child’s safety as well. For more information, visit Estey Bomberger’s child molestation victims’ resources page.

In 2010, our experienced team obtained what is possibly the largest single-plaintiff foster care molestation jury verdict in California history. Estey Bomberger represented a young male, John Doe, who was repeatedly sexually assaulted by his foster father for several years in the late 1990’s. The plaintiff was only 11 years old when he first entered his foster father’s care, in 1995. Estey Bomberger filed suit against Eastfield Ming Quong, Inc., which did business under the name EMQ Children and Family Services; Daybreak Childcare Network, Inc.; Giaretto Institute, a private foster family agency; and the perpetrator. EMQ and Daybreak reached settlements prior to trial. A Santa Clara County court awarded the plaintiff $30 million in August 2010.

On behalf of victims, our legal team sues foster parents and caregivers who have violated the bond of trust between themselves and their charges. We fight for fair compensation for sexually abused foster children. While no amount of money can take away the pain child molestation survivors suffer, it can provide them with the necessary healthcare and psychiatric counseling they often require.

If you know a child who has been sexually molested by a caregiver or foster parent, get in touch with the foster care molestation attorneys at Estey Bomberger. We’ll advise you on your legal options and, should the case go to court, secure you the financial compensation you deserve. Go to or call 1.800.925.0723 toll-free to learn more or get a free, confidential consultation.