Corona Elementary School Teacher Will Stand Trial for Touching Female Students

Shane Alan Kent, 56, a former teacher at Orange Elementary, will stand trial for four felony counts of lewd acts committed upon a child under the age of 14.

It’s alleged that Kent “inappropriately touched” the first victim, a young female, which triggered the initial investigation. Three more victims came forward, claiming that Kent had groped them and slid his hands over their buttocks while hugging them during class activities between 2013 and 2015.

Kent was arrested in February of 2015 following a police investigation. Kent is currently free on bail.

The Tragedy of Teacher Sex Abuse

Unfortunately, California now ranks third in the nation for incidents of teacher sex abuse. Teachers with predatory leanings take advantage of their position within the community and their proximity to children to take advantage of their victims. The process often begins with a teacher singling out a particular student whom they perceive as vulnerable. They then lavish attention on these students, telling them that they’re special, presenting themselves as friends and confidants. This serves to break down the child’s inhibitions. The predator may then abuse their child at their whim.

It’s this sort of predation which is the most heartbreaking and traumatic for the victim: a person they once respected and admired, their teacher, betrayed their trust and took advantage of them. The emotional and psychological scars of child sex abuse often last well into adulthood. A child may battle for years with feelings of guilt, shame, self-loathing, and depression after being abused by a teacher.

If your child has been abused by a predator, you may wonder whether it’s worth filing a lawsuit in civil court and seeking monetary damages. The answer is a resounding “yes.” Firstly, though the abuser may face criminal charges, you can also add your own voice to the search for justice and seek financial compensation from your child’s molester and the institution which sheltered him or her. Secondly, a lawsuit in civil court sends a clear message to sex offenders and corrupt institutions which shield them from consequences: transgress, and you will pay dearly. Finally, the previously mentioned scars which children bear into adulthood often require hundreds of hours of therapy and psychological rehabilitation to treat. That costs serious money. Who better to foot the bill for your child’s psychological healthcare than the molester and the institution who abetted his or her sick behavior?

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