Colton High English Teacher Suspected of Child Sex Abuse

o23hbd-drakeColton High School English teacher Lucas Drake, profiled last year by the school newspaper as a Teacher of the Month, is under arrest. He is accused of soliciting and the sexual abuse of a young teenage San Diego County boy.

According to reports, law enforcement began to investigate teacher Lucas Drake in January after they learned he had allegedly contacted online and later met with the young teenager. He is accused of luring the teenager to Lucas Drake’s Yucaipa residence where he allegedly engaged in sex acts with him. When police searched Lucas Drake’s home, they allegedly found “evidence of the molestation” and arrested him.

English teacher Lucas Drake has been placed on administrative leave by the Colton Unified School District. Police fear there may be more victims.

Educator Sexual Abuse

The case of English teacher Lucas Drake brings to light once again the problem of educator sexual abuse. Experts point to recent studies that show that this a major problem. In a nationwide survey of 8th- to 11th-grade students asking about incidents of unwanted sexual attention at school, nearly 7%, or about 3.5 million students, report having physical sexual contact from an adult, most commonly a teacher or coach, in their school. Reports of educator misconduct that doesn’t include touching a student, but rather sharing pornography, sexual talk, sexual exhibitionism, or masturbation raised the proportion to about 10%, or nearly 4.5 million students.

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