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North Carolina Child Molestation Laws

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Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

North Carolina Genera Statutes § 7B-301 provides that any person or institution that has cause to suspect child abuse or neglect (including sexual abuse) is required to make a report to authorities. All persons who have cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent, or has died as the result of maltreatment, is also required to make a report.

Reports must be made within 24 hours. Failure to report is a misdemeanor.

Sexual Abuse and Molestation

North Carolina Gen. Stat. § 7B-101 provides that the term ‘abused juvenile’ includes any child younger than age 18 whose parent, guardian, custodian, or caregiver commits, permits, or encourages the commission of a violation of the following laws regarding sexual offenses by, with, or upon the child:

  • First and second degree rape or sexual offense
  • Rape of a child by an adult offender
  • Sexual act by a custodian
  • Crime against nature or incest
  • Preparation of obscene photographs, slides, or motion pictures of the child
  • Employing or permitting the child to assist in a violation of the obscenity laws
  • Dissemination of obscene material to the child
  • Displaying or disseminating material harmful to the child
  • First and second degree sexual exploitation of the child
  • Promoting the prostitution of the child
  • Taking indecent liberties with the child