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Wyoming Child Molestation Laws

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Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

Wyoming Ann. Stat. § 14-3-205 provides that all persons who suspect child abuse or neglect (including sexual abuse) must make a report to authorities.

Reports must be made immediately.

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Wyoming Ann. Stat. § 14-3-202 provides that ‘abuse’ means inflicting or causing physical injury, harm, or imminent danger to the physical health or welfare of a child other than by accidental means, including excessive or unreasonable corporal punishment.

‘Physical injury’ means any harm to a child, including but not limited to disfigurement, impairment of any bodily organ, skin bruising if greater in magnitude than minor bruising associated with reasonable corporal punishment, bleeding, burns, fracture of any bone, subdural hematoma, or substantial malnutrition.

The term ‘abuse’ includes the commission or allowing the commission of a sexual offense against a child, as defined by law.