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Institutional Sexual Abuse: Child Care Facilities

The prevalence of child sex abuse and molestation in child care facilities is not known with certainty. Children who are supervised by adults outside of the family are at risk of being sexually molested or abused. There have been many known instances of child molestation in preschools, day care facilities, and other child care institutions. If your child has been abused in a child care facility, contact our dedicated child care molestation lawyers for a free initial consultation.

A study of center-based and family-based daycare institutions found that in a period of two years, nearly 1,700 victims of child sexual abuse and molestation were identified in 270 child care facilities.

If you are concerned that your child may have been sexually molested or abused by a professional child care provider, pay attention to these warning signs of child molestation and contact the authorities immediately. Law enforcement officials are trained to deal with abuse allegations. Our child care sexual abuse attorneys have vast experience with these types of cases and can help during this extremely difficult time.

Identifying Sexual Abuse

As a parent, the fear that your child may have been sexually abused or molested can be difficult to cope with. There is no conclusive profile of a sexual abuser or predator, and very few behaviors in victims clearly indicate that sexual abuse or molestation has in fact occurred.

If you are worried that your child may have been the victim of child abuse or molestation, be mindful of the following behaviors. They may indicate that your child suffered sexual abuse or molestation.

  • Frequent nightmares and other sleep problems;

  • A loss of appetite or other changes in eating habits;

  • Noticeable mood swings;

  • Periods of intense anger, fear, insecurity, or withdrawal;

  • Initiating conversations with other children or adults about sexual issues,

  • Repeatedly refusing to talk about about a secret shared with an adult; or

  • Exhibiting adult-like sexual behaviors, knowledge, and language.

Support for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse and Molestation

If you or your child was the victim of sexual abuse or molestation in a child care facility, the following resources may be of assistance to you.


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