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Music Teacher Sexual Abuse Lawyer

All Lawrence W. Joynes’s students wanted to do was to learn music. But Joynes had other ideas. He would place his female students in sexual poses, record videotape of them, and then add sexually explicit captions—seemingly intended for a larger audience than himself. Fourteen girls wound up on Joynes’s illicit films, and prosecutors are certain that inappropriate sexual contact occurred as well. Sadly these cases happen more often you’d expect. If your child has been the victim of sexual abuse by a music teacher, contact our music teacher sexual abuse lawyers to help hold them accountable for their actions.

Assistant Montgomery County State’s Attorney Timothy F. Hagan, Jr., stated that Joynes “knew exactly what he was doing” and is “a masterful manipulator.”

“He grooms children to sexually abuse them,” he said. That’s what he does. “That’s what he used his position for—and it lasted for years in the schools.”

pianokeysThe crime of childhood sexual abuse is all the more horrifying and tragic when it is perpetrated by someone whom the community trusts—like a music teacher. When music teachers abuse their positions of trust and authority to sexually molest their students, it is especially traumatic for the students’ psychological wellbeing. It’s essential to be vigilant for the signs of sexual abuse, particularly when children spend a large amount of time alone with a particular adult (such a music teacher).

If a child comes to you and says that he or she has been the victim of music teacher sexual abuse, you should immediately:

  • Trust them. Don’t allow yourself a moment’s hesitation. Listen to the child’s story and act on it—kids rarely lie about being molested. Praise the child for his or her courage and assure them that you’ll take action. It doesn’t matter whether the person accused is a forthright and upstanding member of the community—anyone is capable of becoming a child molester. Expressing doubt in front of the child will only drive home the message that confessing to being sexually abused is incorrect. Take steps to avoid re-traumatizing the child and let them know that you believe their account.
  • Hear them out. Don’t bother trying to get the complete story, beginning to end—the detectives can do that. Get the details and nothing more. You need only enough information to make an informed police report. If you press too hard, you run the risk of traumatizing the child all over again.
  • Inform someone else. It’s simple enough to remove your child from music teacher sex abuse. But the right course of action is to report the crime and save as many other children and families from grief as possible. A few minutes on the phone alerts police to the presence of a potential pedophile who is abusing the trust and admiration of his students to pursue perverted purposes.
  • Obtain competent help from a music teacher sex abuse attorney. Remember above all: you’re not alone. Thousands of other parents or concerned adults have felt the trauma and grief associated with childhood sex abuse. If you’ve learned that your child or someone else’s has been a victim of music teacher sex abuse, call the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s helpline: 1.800.843.5678. You may also want to look up Estey Bomberger’s child molestation victims’ resources page.

Estey Bomberger’s music teacher sexual abuse attorneys have successfully tried numerous cases involving child molesters in diverse positions of authority and respect: teachers, doctors, coaches, daycare workers, and others. In 2010, Estey Bomberger obtained a $30 million settlement for a Californian boy molested by his foster father. We understand the terrible psychological toll childhood sexual abuse takes on individuals and families, and we work hard to secure justice for sex abuse victims.

If you or a loved one has been sexually abused by a music teacher, contact Estey Bomberger today. It’s our job to help you move ahead to the bright future. Get in touch with the Music teacher sexual abuse attorneys at Estey Bomberger at or call 1.800.925.0723 for a free consultation.