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Delaware Child Molestation Laws

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Mandatory Reporters of Child Abuse and Neglect

Delaware Ann. Code Tit. 16, § 903 sets forth a list of professionals required to report child abuse and neglect (including sexual abuse) to authorities. The list includes medical and mental heath care providers, school employees, and law enforcement officers.

In addition, any person who knows or in good faith suspects child abuse or neglect shall make a report.

Reports must be made immediately.

Sexual Abuse and Exploitation

Delaware Ann. Code Tit. 16, § 902; Tit. 10, § 901 provide that “abuse” means a person:

  • Causes or inflicts sexual abuse on a child
  • Has care, custody, or control of a child, and causes or inflicts:
    • Physical injury through unjustified force
    • Emotional abuse
    • Torture
    • Exploitation
    • Maltreatment or mistreatment

The term “abuse” includes sexual abuse and exploitation.

  • ‘Sexual abuse’ means any act against a child that is described as a sex offense in § 761(g) of Title 11.
  • ‘Exploitation’ means taking advantage of a child for unlawful or unjustifiable personal or sexual gain.