University of Michigan Doctor Sexually Abuse Case

March 6, 2020

It seems that far too often we hear about cases involving institutional sex abuse of children, whether it’s at small town pre-schools or even large universities like Ohio State, Penn State or Michigan State. The latest news of abuse on a college campus is at the University of Michigan, where a doctor who worked there in the 60’s and for many years after. Dr. Robert E. Anderson abused many male student athletes by giving unnecessary digital rectal exams, testicular exams, fondle body parts of the students, exposing himself and other sexually deviant activities.

Even though many people reported this activity to the University of Michigan, they did not handle the situation properly. This is a common pattern from institutions who fear the financial consequences and bad press instead of handling the situation correctly in order to make sure these things don’t happen to other innocent victims. As a result, hundreds of boys were sexually abused by Anderson. The University of Michigan is responsible and will now pay the price. Estey & Bomberger is now representing men against the University of Michigan and have set up a website for victims. If you or a family member were a victim of Dr. Anderson while at the University of Michigan, visit the website and contact the firm right away to find out what your legal options are. In addition, you need to report the abuse to the U of M Compliance Hotline at 1-866-990-0111.

If You File a Lawsuit, Can Your Identity be Kept Confidential?

Yes. A lawsuit can be filed on your behalf as “John Doe” to protect your identity. You can learn more at the website listed above. While many men have publicly come forward in the media, which can be helpful so others know about what has occurred, if you prefer to keep everything private you absolutely can.