Phoenix Pastor Accused of Child Molestation and Other Sex Crimes

PHOENIX, AZ — A 47-year-old pastor is facing multiple counts of child molestation, sexual abuse, sexual assault, and sexual conduct with a minor, Fox News reported Friday. Phoenix police detectives arrested Jorge Vasquez Thursday at his home. Vasquez is accused of having inappropriate, unsolicited sexual contact with two girls and two women, who were between the ages of 12 and 33 over the past 7 years. According to the news report, Vasquez was alone with the women during counseling sessions at The Rock Church (La Roca Church) near 21st Avenue and Buckeye Road. Police believe the crimes occurred  on numerous occasions between January 2007 and May 2014. None of the victims have been identified.

Churches have a responsibility to provide proper supervision and to make sure that children in their care are safe from harm. If a church is providing counseling, they have the duty to adequately supervise its employees. If a child is molested or harmed as a result of a church’s negligence, that victim may have a legal claim against the church. Exposing a sexual predator in a lawsuit not only seeks compensation for victims, it also helps protect other families and children from future acts of abuse and provides accountability. For more information about the healing effect of the legal system, click here.