Organizations for Good: EdVoice

April 14, 2014

About EdVoiceabout_header

EdVoice is a non-profit, grassroots organization that is dedicated to improving public schools in California.  Their primary focus is on improving the educational output for California’s students.  EdVoice brings together the ingredients to drive change in California schools. With in-depth policy expertise and a commitment to looking to research and real-world results for policy solutions, EdVoice advocates for key policy changes that will make a difference for all California’s students.

Within their Political Action Committee, EdVoice has consistently stood against sexual abuse by educators, strongly advocating for children in Sacramento.

Their Mission Statement

EdVoice asserts that the California public school system is broken.  The outcome is dismal student achievement at almost every level, where even the highest performing students lag behind their peers in the rest of the nation.  And the persistent achievement gaps between racial and economic subgroups are more troubling still.  EdVoice’s main priorities are to improve measurable student achievement and eliminate educational inequality, and having a strong voice in California’s political process.

How to Support EdVoice

EdVoice invites those who are concerned about improving the educational environment in California’s Public School system to join them.

PARENTS. Parents can help further EdVoice’s mission by educating themselves about the issues in California’s public school systems. Parents can send open letters to the state legislators and administrators through their Take Action portal.

GOVERNMENT. Regarding child sexual abuse, EdVoice is currently advocating Assembly Bill 215 in Sacramento – which includes the following provisions:

  • Streamlines the process for schools to dismiss teachers that commit egregious misconduct
  • Speeds up the appeals process, so that child sexual abusers are brought to justice quicker.
  • Dismissals of such teachers can be served year-round, instead of during the school year.
  • Closes dangerous loopholes that allow sexual predator teachers to receive settlements from the schools

Donate to EdVoice

EdVoice depends on donations from supporters. To learn how to donate to EdVoice, click here.

Connect with EdVoice

You can connect with EdVoice on Facebook and Twitter.

Estey & Bomberger Represents Victims of Sexual Abuse in Schools

We believe that no child should have to live through the horrors of sexual abuse at the hands of a teacher, educator, school administrator, or school employee. For this reason, we stand by EdVoice’s efforts to protect our children at the state level.

As readers of this blog know, Estey & Bomberger represents those who have suffered sexual abuse in schools in civil lawsuits against school districts and other parties responsible for the abuse. To learn more about how we help survivors of sexual abuse in schools, click here.