May 7, 2014


May 6, 2014

Summary: Join us today in celebrating Teachers Day.  The vast majority of the teachers in the U.S. are hard-working men and women who user their leadership and belief in education to develop today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders.  Today, we show our gratitude to those teachers.

Today is Teachers Day, where teachers across the U.S. are recognized for all of the good deeds they perform for our children.  The history of Teachers Day is a bit shaky, but it took roots in 1944 by an Arkansas teacher establishing correspondence with educational and political leaders (including Eleanor Roosevelt) in pursuit of establishing a day to celebrate teachers.  In 1953, Congress proclaimed a National Teacher Day.


It is no stretch to say that without teachers, America could not function, nor maintain its status as the preeminent world power.  If it wasn’t for teachers, we wouldn’t be able to write out this thank you note.  Plus, teachers do this on a salary that is paltry compared to the responsibility they have in our society.  Despite the salary, good teachers never shut the door to their students after they have graduated.  Many of us have that one or two teachers we truly admired, and kept in touch with; sometimes, they even provide guidance on real-life situations – for no other reason than the will to help us.

On the CVM blog, we don’t pull any punches when pointing out their failures.  Indeed, we are brutal.  It’s because like so many others, we hold teachers in high regard, and have high standards for them.  About 95% of the 3 million teachers fit this mold, and these are the ones we want to put on a pedestal.  Please join us in thanking teachers across the U.S. for the long hours and hard work they put in.

From our staff, thank you to those teachers that uphold the highest standards.

Steve Estey and Mike Bomberger
Estey & Bomberger, LLP