Clock Ticking for Older Minnesota Child Sex Abuse Victims

If you were sexually abused as a child, you may have considered a lawsuit against your abuser and the institution who enabled him or her, but were prevented from doing so by the statute of limitations. For Minnesota residents,
Minnesota Child Victims Act Deadlinehope is on the horizon. The 2013 Child Victims Act gives Minnesota child sex abuse victims a three-year retroactive window to file a lawsuit but the deadline is less than 100 days away. The deadline to file is May 25, 2016. Though the deadline to file against the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis expired last year, victims of sexual abuse by any other Catholic diocese or Minnesota institution (such as the Boy Scouts) have until May 25 to file.

How Civil Lawsuits Can Help
Justice isn’t always served in criminal court. A civil lawsuit will publicly identify the abuser and grant the victim the justice he or she deserves. Pedophiles commonly prey on multiple victims during their careers. Once a perpetrator is publicly identified, other victims often find the strength to come forward as well.

A statute of limitations (or SOL), simply, is the maximum amount of time a Minnesota child sex abuse victim has to bring a lawsuit from the time of the injury or other ground for a lawsuit.

The SOL on Minnesota child sex abuse lawsuits is too brief for many victims. Too often, the statute of limitations has expired before victims find the courage to speak out and confront their abuser. In these cases, the statute of limitations benefits pedophiles and works against victims.

The Law Going Forward
Going forward under the Minnesota Child Victims Act, there is no statute of limitation for filing a lawsuit for anyone subjected to sexual abuse when they’re under the age of 18. There’s also no a statute of limitation if the victim was under 24 at the time the Child Victims Act came into force on May 25, 2013.

It’s important to note that the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff. You still must prove that the abuse occurred.

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