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Law Enforcement Sexual Abuse Attorneys

We trust police officers and law enforcement officials to keep us safe. But unfortunately, these uniformed men and women have committed heinous crimes against individuals in the very communities they were meant to protect. Sexual assault by police officers and law enforcement officials is a growing concern across the country.

If you were a victim of molestation or sexual assault by a police officer, firefighter, detective, sheriff, or other law enforcement official, you are not alone. The experienced and compassionate sexual abuse lawyers at Estey & Bomberger may be able to help you file a civil lawsuit for money damages against the law enforcement agency or municipality where the perpetrator worked.

Sexual Abuse by Law Enforcement Officers

In several major cities and states across the country, law enforcement officers have been charged with sex crimes. These troubling reports suggest that police officers and law enforcement officials often abuse the power with which they have been entrusted.

In Dallas, a veteran of the police force committed an on-duty sexual assault of a woman in his marked police car. In Detroit, a police officer was charged with sexually assaulting a woman after she called police to report that her boyfriend had abused her. A Baltimore police officer was charged with sexual assault of a minor. In New Mexico, a police detective who focused on child abuse and sex crimes plead guilty to sexually assaulting a police department intern.

When the perpetrator of sexual abuse is a law enforcement officer, victims often feel as though they have nowhere to turn for justice. It can be very intimidating to report sexual abuse to the very agency where the abuser was employed. Police departments and other law enforcement agencies should take allegations of sexual abuse against one of their officers very seriously.

Filing a Civil Lawsuit Against a Law Enforcement Officer

Sexual abuse, regardless of the age of the victim, is a crime that carries severe penalties. Any law enforcement officer who is convicted of a sexual offense will likely lose his or her job, serve time in jail or prison, and be forced to register as a sex offender for life.

It is important to understand that criminal penalties are not the only consequence for law enforcement officers who commit sexual abuse. A law enforcement officer, or the agency where he or she worked, may also be subject to a civil lawsuit for money damages as a result of the sexual abuse. Because it can be difficult to file a lawsuit against a law enforcement agency or municipality, you should consult with an experienced sexual abuse attorney before doing so.

Civil lawsuits financially compensate victims of sexual abuse for the emotional pain and other harm they endured. But they can also help victims of sexual abuse begin to heal from the trauma they suffered. To learn more about the psychological benefits of filing a civil lawsuit, click here.

Estey & Bomberger Represents Victims of Sexual Abuse

If you were the victim of sexual abuse by a police officer or law enforcement official, Estey & Bomberger sexual abuse attorneys may be able to represent you in a civil lawsuit against the officer and the agency where he or she worked. We are California attorneys who help victims of sexual abuse that took place in various institutions, including law enforcement agencies, seek justice through the civil court system.

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