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Institutional Sexual Abuse: Detention Centers

Sexual abuse is prevalent in many state-run institutions, including detention centers. When sexual abuse takes place in detention centers, victims are particularly susceptible to ongoing abuse. There are many different types of detention centers, including juvenile detention centers, immigration detention centers, jails, and prisons.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse that occurred in a detention facility of any kind, the Detention Center Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers at Estey & Bomberger may be able to help. We represent victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits for money damages against the institutions where the abuse took place. To learn more about the healing effects of filing a lawsuit, click here.

Juvenile Detention Centers

In our criminal justice system, a juvenile detention center (also known as a youth detention center or juvenile hall), is a secure residential facility for young people. They are referred to colloquially as “juvie.” Juvenile detention centers are typically run by state or local governments.

The residents of juvenile detention centers may have be awaiting a court hearing, placement in a long-term care facility, enrollment into a social services program, or release. In most states, certain criminal proceedings against people under the age of 18 are heard in juvenile courts, which sentences or commits convicted youth into juvenile detention centers or other programs (such as halfway houses).

A 2013 report by the Department of Justice found that hundreds of teenagers had been raped or sexually assaulted during their stays in juvenile detention facilities. Tragically, many of the victims were victimized repeatedly. The most frequent perpetrators of this abuse were the men and women charged with counseling and protecting the youth residents of the detention centers.

If you or your child was the victim of sexual abuse in a juvenile detention center, you may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the detention center as well as the people and entities responsible for running it. Contact our nationwide institutional molestation lawyers today to discuss your case.

Immigration Detention Centers

Across the country, there are a number of immigration detention centers run by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Individuals may be held in an immigration detention center if they are suspected of visa violations or illegal entry into the country. Typically, detained individuals must await a decision by immigration authorities before being released in the United States or subjected to deportation to another country.

Studies show that the number of youth in federal immigration detention centers is on the rise. Youth in immigration detention centers are extremely vulnerable as they often do not speak English, are unaccompanied by an adult, or both.

Unfortunately, sexual abuse in immigration detention centers is a growing concern. This is particularly troublesome given the fact that many immigration detainees are fearful of retaliation by immigration officials and may be reluctant to disclose that they have been the victim of a crime.  An investigation by the Government Accountability Office revealed that many instances of sexual abuse in immigration detention centers are not reported to federal officials as required.

If you or your child suffered sexual abuse in an immigration detention center, contact us today to discuss your rights.

Estey & Bomberger Represents Victims of Sexual Abuse

We are experienced and compassionate attorneys who represent victims of sexual abuse in civil lawsuits against the institutions where the abuse took place.

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