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Regional Report: Clark County, Wi School Negligent Supervision & Sexual Abuse Allegations

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Estey Bomberger reviews and monitors news stories and reports of crime and lawsuits involving public and private schools nationwide. The following reports are for schools located in Clark County, WI. If your child has been sexually abused or negligently supervised and you would like more information about your options or rights in a civil suit, contact us for a free consultation.

    510 West Hemlock Street Abbotsford, WI 54405
    Andy L. Follen, an Abbortsville High School math teacher, was arrested in February 2014 and accused of having sexual contact with two female students, who were both 17 at the time. Follen reached a plea agreement and was conficted of two felony counts of exposing genitals to a child and one misdemeanor count of fourth-degree sexual assault. As part of a plea agreement, two counts of felony sexual assault of a student by school staff were dismissed. For those two charges, Follen could have faced up to 30 years in prison.  In July 2015, Follen was sentenced to seven months in jail, and four years probation. He will not have to register as a sex offender.  News Source: