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At Estey & Bomberger, LLP our sexual assault attorneys pride ourselves on being experienced, caring, and ethical legal council. By successfully representing numerous victims in civil sexual abuse lawsuits, we have developed a great deal of knowledge and expertise in helping the sexually abused seek justice.

These types of cases are emotionally charged. Even though we find the facts very distressing to hear and deal with, we take these cases because we want to help put an end to the abuse. We want to see real change in the private and public institutions that we trust to care for the community’s most innocent and vulnerable individuals. Our sexual assault victim lawyers want to see caring attention devoted to establishing policies and practices that will make children safer.
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[/one_half]Tragically, there have been far too many cases of children being victimized by sexual predators that have been given authority and control over the kids by institutions such as schools. Victims are often extremely reluctant to tell anybody about what happened to them. Some have been threatened and are scared. Others feel guilty and are extremely ashamed. One effective way to fight back against these disgraceful abusers is for the survivors to use our legal system to seek justice. A civil lawsuit can result in a victim being awarded money for the harms he or she suffered due to the negligence of the institution where the abuse took place.

If you, your child, or a child you know was sexually assaulted or molested while under the care of a public or private entity, those entities can be held accountable for money damages if the abuse was committed by their employees, volunteers, teachers, administrators, staff members, religious leaders, counselors, or even a stranger who entered the grounds of the facility.

Estey & Bomberger’s Sexual Abuse Legal Team comprises award-winning attorneys who have secured record-setting verdicts and settlements for their clients. If you are considering filing a lawsuit, please contact us today to speak with someone compassionate and knowledgeable about your options. Time is of the essence with sex abuse cases, so please do not wait any longer.

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