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Child Molestation Civil Case Studies

If you are a survivor of child sexual assault or molestation, you should speak with an experienced sexual abuse lawyer to discuss your rights. You may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against your abuser, regardless of whether he or she was convicted in a criminal trial. You may also be able to bring a civil lawsuit against other parties who played a role in your abuse (such as a school district, if your abuser was a teacher).

Lead Trial Attorney Steve Estey Discusses The Firm’s Approach to Civil Molestation Cases:

For more information on how Estey & Bomberger fights for survivors of child sexual abuse and molestation, read the following reports on some of the firm’s most successful civil child molestation verdicts.

CASE STUDY – John Doe v. Family Foster Agency
CASE STUDY – Matt Doe v. Unified School District

Estey & Bomberger specializes in handling these sensitive cases. Our attorneys have successfully represented victims of child sexual assault and molestation in California courts, winning multi-million dollar verdicts for their clients. Estey & Bomberger understands how difficult it can be for a victim to pursue a civil case against his or her abuser. With access to leading expert witnesses, unparalleled expertise in pretrial practice, and an incomparable compassion for survivors, child sexual assault attorneys Estey & Bomberger will work hard to hold your abuser accountable for the damage he or she caused.

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