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Years of Case Success

Our attorneys at Estey & Bomberger, LLP have recovered over $500,000,000 in settlements and verdicts for our clients in the last five years alone. Although every case is unique, our tenacity and personal attention to detail helps improve the chances of a client obtaining maximum compensation. We have achieved six- and seven-figure outcomes for dozens of accident and personal injury victims throughout California.

  • $60 Million Judgment: Jane Doe (Minor) v. Marc Gitelman. Won for three young survivors of sexual abuse by a Tae Kwon Do coach.
  • $30 Million Verdict: John Doe (Minor) v. Giarretto Institute. Won for a survivor of physical and sexual abuse by a foster family, due to the negligence of the private company that licensed the foster home.
  • $23 Million Verdict: Matt Doe v. Los Angeles Unified School District. Won for a sexual abuse survivor against his former elementary school teacher.
  • $21 Million Settlement: Confidential v. Confidential. Secured for victims who suffered personal injuries because of a dangerous product.
  • $20 Million Settlement: Doe v. Roe Defendant. The largest medical malpractice settlement in California’s history, secured for the brain injury of a newborn due to medical malpractice.

These are just some of the dozens of multi-million dollar results we have secured for our personal injury clients over the last few decades. Our San Diego personal injury firm prides itself on a 99% case success rate. This is not because we only take select cases – we achieve such positive results because of hard work and a commitment to justice. When clients come to our firm for help, they trust we will do what we can to secure the best possible results.

Estey & Bomberger, LLP Team

Attorney Awards and Firm Recognition

Estey & Bomberger, LLP has received national recognition for our outstanding case results over the last 40 years. CNN, Fox News, Univision, the Associated Press, CBS Evening News, the Los Angeles Times, and the San Diego Union Tribune have all mentioned our firm. AVVO, one of the industry’s most prestigious legal rating services, gives both attorneys Superb ratings. Both lead attorneys have five out of five stars on AVVO from client reviews.

The firm has obtained numerous awards and recognitions on top of great reviews.

  • Daily Journal “Top Plaintiff Attorney”
  • Consumer Attorneys of San Diego “Trial Attorney of the Year” and “Outstanding Trial Lawyer”
  • “Super Lawyer”
  • National Trial Lawyers “Top 100”
  • Martindale-Hubbell “AV-Preeminent” and “5 of 5 Possible Stars”

We also received the honor of “Board-Certified Trial Attorney” from the State Bar of California.

Industry awards are one way to judge a law firm’s experience and success. While they do not tell the whole story, they show that a firm commits to excellence in the field. They serve as professional endorsements of the firm’s skill, prowess, and outcomes. Estey & Bomberger, LLP is proud to have won honors, awards, and recognitions over the years, but that is not why we practice. We work our hardest on cases because we care about clients.

Meet Our Firm Partners

Steve Estey and Mike Bomberger have decades of combined experience handling San Diego personal injury claims. Below is some information about each of our partners:

Steve Estey has extensive experience handling the negotiation of settlements as well as going to trial to secure million-dollar judgments and verdicts. He specializes particularly in institutional child sexual abuse cases. Estey’s first such case obtained a $30 million verdict for his client. Estey has also been part of several published appellate opinions in consumer rights cases. For more information, you can view Steve Estey’s profile here.

Mike Bomberger has developed two main specialty areas over the years: bicycling injuries and brain injuries. He is an avid cycler in San Diego himself, making him familiar with the laws and hazards surrounding this practice. He supports bicycle advocate groups such as Bikes Against Poverty and Bikes4Kids Charity. In the field of brain injuries, Bomberger is a council member for the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation. Together, Estey and Bomberger have the experience and knowledge to handle a wide variety of personal injury claims. For more information, you can view Mike Bomberger’s profile here.

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How does the process work for hiring our firm?

Step 1: Set up a free, zero obligation consultation

We provide a free consultation to all prospective clients. In the free consultation, we will answer any questions you may have about your case and the process of making a claim. The free consultation will provide you with helpful information that will assist you on your case. There is no charge or fees for this helpful information.

Step 2: We evaluate your case

We review the facts to determine the viability of the case. Only if we determine that we can provide significant value will we accept your case. If you are on our website, you probably realize that given our reputation and success, services of our firm are in high demand. Consequently, our firm is very selective in the cases that we take and accept only those that involve serious physical and/or psychological injuries. If we cannot accept your case, we will happily provide you with a referral to a firm or organization that may be able to help you.

Step 3: We establish our “No fee” promise

If we do not win money for you, you owe us nothing. In other words, you will not be required to pay any costs and expenses that we have paid to prepare your case unless we recover money on your behalf.

Step 4: If you hire us, we begin working on your case

Once we have accepted your case, we will promptly begin a thorough investigation of coverage, liability and damages. We investigate coverage to determine all available insurance policies and assets that may be available to pay for your damages. We investigate liability to prove that the other party is responsible for your damages. We investigate your damages and injuries and develop a plan to maximize the value of your injury claim. During this time, you will continue to receive medical treatment for your injuries.

Step 5: We negotiate with the insurance company

After your injuries have healed and you have concluded your medical treatment, we will prepare a detailed settlement demand letter that will include all necessary reports and billing statements. The demand will also include a discussion of all legal theories that are applicable to your case. The demand will be forwarded to the defendant’s insurance company. The insurance company has thirty days to respond to our demand. After the insurance company has provided an offer to settle your case, we will review their settlement offer with you and begin the negotiation process. When we have their best pre-litigation offer, we will discuss whether to accept it or file a lawsuit and proceed towards trial.

Step 6: We evaluate settlement offers together

Our settlement efforts are directed to obtain the best figure weighed against the costs of litigation and risks of trial. If we have difficulty proving that the other party is legally responsible for your injuries, it may be best to settle for a smaller amount rather than risk losing at trial and getting nothing. Another consideration is the time and expense of trial. If the trial expenses will be near the value of the case, an out of court settlement may net you more in the long run. Our trial record is impressive because of our experience and accuracy in evaluating which cases are appropriate for litigation and trial.

Step 7: We accept their offer or take them to court

You and your attorney will discuss what is best for you – accepting the settlement offer or proceeding with litigation. We will provide you with our advice and opinion but the decision rests with you. If you decide to settle the case, you will sign a release form and receive your settlement check, usually within thirty days. If we litigate your case, we will explain to you the steps and time required to conclude your case. Litigation of a case often takes much longer than a settlement prior to litigation. We will discuss and weigh all options with you regarding whether it is appropriate to settle your case or proceed to litigation and possibly trial.

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